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Geoffrey Abbott, PhD Geoffrey Abbott, PhD
Vice Chair and Professor, Pharmacological Sciences
amal alachkar uc irvine pharmacology faculty Amal Alachkar, PhD
Associate Adjunct Professor
James D. Belluzzi, PhD James D. Belluzzi, PhD
Adjunct Professor (recalled)
Olivier Civelli, PhD Olivier Civelli, PhD
Chair and Professor
Eric L. and Lila D. Nelson Chair in Neuropharmacology
Frederick J. Ehlert, PhD Frederick J. Ehlert, PhD
Graduate Program Director/Advisor
Kelvin W. Gee, PhD Kelvin W. Gee, PhD
Naoto Hoshi, MD/PhD Naoto Hoshi, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
Diana Nelson Krause, PhD Diana Nelson Krause, PhD
Adjunct Professor (recalled)
Frances M. Leslie, PhD Frances M. Leslie, PhD
Professor, Pharmacology
Dean, Graduate Division
Qun-Yong Zhou, PhD Qun-Yong Zhou, PhD

Emeriti Faculty

Sue Piper Duckles, PhD Sue Piper Duckles, PhD
Professor Emerita
Ralph E. Purdy, PhD Ralph E. Purdy, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Emiliana Borrelli, PhD Larry Stein, PhD
Professor Emeritus

Joint Faculty

Stephen Bondy, PhD Stephen C. Bondy, PhD
Professor, Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Emiliana Borrelli, PhD Emiliana Borrelli, PhD
Professor, Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
Catherine Cahill, PhD Catherine Cahill, PhD
Associate Professor, Anesthesiology & Perioperative Care
Richard Chamberlin, PhD Richard Chamberlin, PhD
Professor/Chair, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Professor, Chemistry
Stephen Hanessian, PhD

Stephen Hanessian, PhD
Professor, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Mahtab Jafari, PharmD Mahtab Jafari, PharmD
Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Director, Pharmaceutical Sciences Undergraduate Program
Arthur D. Lander, MD/PhD Arthur D. Lander, MD, PhD
Professor, Developmental and Cell Biology
Ellis Levin, MD Ellis Levin, MD
Professor in Residence, Medicine
John C. Longhurst, MD/PhD

John C. Longhurst, MD, PhD
Professor, Department of Medicine

Shahrdad Lotfipour, PhD Shahrdad Lotfipour, PhD
Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine
Z. David Luo, MD/PhD Z. David Luo, MD, PhD
Professor, Anesthesiology
Daniele Piomelli, PhD Daniele Piomelli, PhD
Professor, Anatomy and Neurobiology and Louise Turner Arnold Chair in Neurosciences
Stefano Sensi, PhD Stefano Sensi, PhD
Associate Adjunct Professor
Jeffrey R. Suchard, MD, FACEP, FACMT, FAAEM Jeffrey R. Suchard, MD, FACEP, FACMT, FAAEM
Professor, Clinical Emergency Medicine
Course Director, Medical Pharmacology
Sandor Szabor, MD/PhD Sandor Szabo, MD, PhD
Professor in Residence, Pathology
Xiaolin Zi, MS/PhD Xiaolin Zi, MS/PhD
Professor, Urology and Pharmacology