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Abbott Lab

Abbott Lab

Abbott Scientific Photo

Abbott Scientific Photo

Geoffrey W. Abbott, PhD

Vice Chair, Pharmacology
Professor of Pharmacology
Professor of Physiology and Biophysics

MSc (with Distinction), University of Leicester, UK, 1993, Molecular Pathology and Toxicology
PhD, University of London, UK, 1997, Biochemistry

Summary of Research: Research in Dr. Abbott’s lab is focused on elucidating the molecular basis for ion channel and transporter physiology and pathophysiology. One of the main directions of the lab has been to define the roles of the KCNE gene family of ion channel subunits, using a combination of techniques including mouse and human genetics, electrophysiology, pharmacology, and state-of-the-art imaging modalities. Other interests include discovery of novel ion channel subunits and small molecules to modulate ion channel function, and investigation of ion channel trafficking. Abnormal functioning of ion channels can cause disorders including cardiac arrhythmia, epilepsy, myotonia, ataxia, periodic paralysis, hypothyroidism and cancer. Dr. Abbott's lab is employing a multidisciplinary approach aimed at understanding the molecular etiologies of, and ultimately developing therapies for, a wide spectrum of “channelopathies” - human diseases arising from ion channel dysfunction.

The Lab Personnel:

Postdoctoral Scholars:

  • Shawn Crump, PhD

Graduate Student Researchers:

  • Soo-Min Lee, MS
  • Daniel Neverisky, BS

Lab Assistant:

  • Dara Nguyen, BS

Technologies & Research Capabilities

  • Cell biology
  • Cell signaling
  • Electrophysiology
  • High-throughput screening and drug discovery
  • In vivo imaging
  • Molecular pharmacology