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Borrelli Lab

Borrelli Lab

Emiliana Borrelli, PhD

Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
Professor of Pharmacology

PhD, University of Naples, Italy
Director of Research, Institute of Health and Medical Research, France

Summary of Research: Dopamine is a central neuromodulator of the CNS.  Dysfunctions of dopaminergic homeostasis leading either low or high dopamine levels are causally linked to Parkinson's disease, schizophrenia, addiction and endocrine tumoras.  Studies conducted at the molecular, cellular and behavioral levels aims to uncover the molecular mechanisms by which dopamine receptor's signaling controls neuronal functions and behavior.  Genetically engineered mice (knock-out mice) constitute our experimental models in which we analyze how altered or abolished expression of dopamine receptors in specific neurons affects physiological responses.  A particular interest is devoted to the analyysis of dopamine-mediated effects on motor control and addiction to drugs of abuse.  These studies are relevant to the understanding of human neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders.

The Lab Personnel:

Postdoctoral Scholars:

  • Karen Brami-Cherrier, PhD
  • Briac Halbout, PhD
  • Geetika Kharkwal, PhD
  • Daniela Radl, PhD
Laboratory Assistant:
  • Shantell Nolen (Lab Manager)

Graduate Student Researcher:

  • Hyuna Lee

Undergraduate Students (6)

Technologies & Research Capabilities
  • Genetically modified mice
  • Behavioral and pharmacological studies
  • Molecular genetics and biochemistry
  • Gene expression profiling in vivo
  • Primary neuronal cell cultures