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Galassetti Lab


Pietro R. Galassetti, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Associate Professor of Pharmacology
Director, UCI GCRC Metabolis/Bionutrition Research Unit
Asst. Prof., Div Endocrinology, Vanderbilt Univ., 2001
PhD, 1998, Molecular Physiology & Biophysics, Vanderbilt University
MD, 1986, Rome University

Summary of Research: Pietro Galassetti's UC Irvine laboratory currently has three main projects funded by four extramural grants (two from the NIH and two from the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation).

One of our main research focuses is the definition of altered adaptive response to stress in children with dysmetabolic states (obesity, type 1 and type 2 diabetes). Exercise, hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia are our main stress models, and studied responses range from pro- & anti-inflammatory cytokines, to growth factors, glucoregulatory hormones, oxidative stress markers and leukocyte gene expression.

Our recent findings indicate that an increased inflammatory/oxidative status may exist not only during glucose fluctuations outside the physiological range, but also several hours after the fluctuations have been corrected, underscoring the need for more comprehensive preventive strategies.

Additionally, we are developing a novel technology to measure non-invasively a broad range of metabolic variables through exhaled breath analysis, in collaboration with the UC Irvine Department of Chemistry. A number of previously unstudied gases present in human breath at extremely low concentrations correlated with several key metabolic indicators, including plasma glucose, insulin, lipids, ketones and inflammatory markers, promising the near-future evolution of these measurements into clinically applicable devices.

The Lab Personnel:

Graduate Student Researchers:

Technologies & Research Capabilities
  • Indirect calorimetry (metabolic cart)
  • Glucose clamp studies and other complex in-vivo metabolic studies in children and adults (intravenous infusion pumps, real-time glucose and lactate analyzers, continuous glucose monitors)
  • Exercise testing (cycle ergometers, treadmills)
  • Body composition (skin calipers, DEXA scanning)
  • Laboratory analyses (basic ELISA assays, Luminex assays, RT-PCR, FLOW-Cytometry with intracellular staining, gene-chip analyses)