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Zhou Lab

Zhou Lab

Zhou Scientific Photo

Qun-Yong Zhou, PhD

Professor of Pharmacology
PhD, 1992, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Oregon Health & Science University

Summary of Research: The main research focus of this laboratory is to understand the physiological and pharmacological functions of prokineticins, a unique pair of newly identified regulatory peptides.

Recent findings from this and other laboratories have indicated that prokineticins regulate diverse biological processes including gastrointestinal motility, pain perception, angiogenesis and circadian rhythm. We are keen to understand whether prokineticins and/or prokineticin receptors may serve as suitable drug targets for important human diseases.

Major current efforts are being directed to elucidate the transcriptional regulation of ligands in different biological processes controlled by prokineticin systems. Understanding the signaling events downstream the two G-protein coupled prokineticin receptors is another laboratory focus. Multiple approaches, including molecular biology, genetics, electrophysiology, and behavioral pharmacology, are being used.

The Lab Personnel:


  • Jin Huang, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar:
  • Xiaohan Li, MD
Technologies & Research Capabilities
  • GPCR signaling
  • Molecular and cell biology
  • Histology
  • Circadian rhythm monitoring
  • Sleep EEG recording
  • Feeding and Energy Metabolism