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Zi Lab

Zi Lab

Xiaolin Zi, MD, PhD

Associate Professor, Urology
Associate Professor, Pharmacology
Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

MS, McGill University, Biostatistics
PhD, Shanghai Medical University, Epidemiology

Summary of Research:

Dr. Zi combines knowledge in population science with laboratory skills in basic science to develop clinically useful and less or nontoxic bioactive agents from edible plant products for cancer prevention and treatment. His publications identifying silibinin as a strong antiproliferative and differentiate agent for prostate cancer cells have resulted in a Phase 2 clinical trial of silibinin in prostate cancer patients. His NIH-funded research discovered that lycopene supplementation can enhance anti-tumor efficacy of docetaxel in prostate cancer mouse xenograft model. The study on lycopene and docetaxel combination in treatment of castration-resistant prostate cancer is also now in Phase I clinical trial at UC Irvine.

Zi’s research team studies the efficacy and mechanism of active components of the Kava plant for prevention of tobacco-related bladder cancer using mouse carcinogenesis models. They are developing Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatograph (UPLC)-MS/MS, Chip-sequence, microarray and other molecular biology techniques (e.g., transfection and RNA interference) to study the role of tobacco-related bladder carcinogens and Kava chemicals in histone lysine methylation and epigenetic gene regulation, leading to carcinogenic and anti-carcinogenic effects.

Zi’s research team also investigates the role of Wnt signaling pathway in the resistance of anti-angiogenic cancer therapy and examine the usefulness of secreted Wnt antagonists for improving the efficacy of bevacizumab in treatment of prostate cancer.

The Lab Personnel:

Fellow, Gynecologic Oncology:

Danielle D. Jandial, MD

Assistant Specialists:

Xusen Li, Ph.D.
Zhongbo Liu, PhD

Junior Specialists:

Shuman Liu, PhD
Xia Xu, PhD

Graduate Student Researchers:

Christopher A. Blair, Pharm/Tox Ph.D. Student (Pharm Sci)

Technologies and Research Capabilities:

  • Natural products
  • Bladder and prostate cancers
  • Mechanisms of cancer prevention
  • Wnt signaling