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Krista Barajaskrista barajas uc irvine som pharmacology

Krista Barajas is the Chief Administrative Officer for the Department of Pharmacology. She is responsible for directing the administrative operations of the department in the following areas: budget and finance, academic and staff personnel, payroll, teaching and student programs, contract and grant administration, purchasing, travel, space and facilities, equipment management and industrial relations.

She also directs and supervises the department's special functions such as the graduate program recruitment and retreats.

Krista is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of the department budget and prepares the annual state of the department presentation to the Dean, under the direction of the Chair, including research, teaching, finances and department's vision for the future.

She can be reached on the Irvine campus at:

Room 360C
Med Surge II
Irvine, CA 92697−4625
Tel 949.824.6772
Fax 949-824-4855